The AHS faculty talk about books.

About "Book Watch"

In SY 2008-2009, some teachers from the English Subject of the Ateneo de Manila High School conceived of the idea of having a book-related newsletter in order to actively campaign for reading within the high school community.

Thus, on May 21, the first issue of Book Watch was released. From the onset, Book Watch's intended audience was the community of teachers, staff and administrators in the Ateneo de Manila High School. Teachers contributed short reviews of books they had read and loved in order to encourage the other community members to read and to talk about books they had read.

This school year, Book Watch intends to extend its reach by going online through the Book Watch Blog.

From our original goal of building a stronger community of readers in our high school, we, the Book Watch administrators and contributors, now set our sights higher. We aim to join the greater community in promoting the love of reading. We want to enter into a discourse about books we've read, not just with members of our community, but with the the whole world.

We believe that, in the end, the only way to truly encourage our students to read is to be passionate readers ourselves, and this is what we want to shout out to the world.


  • Book Watch is an independent initiative of some faculty members of the Ateneo de Manila High School. Therefore, it is not an official school website.
  • The views contained herein do not represent the views of the entire school or university, its administrators, or the faculty body.
  • The books reviewed by the contributors are not necessarily those taught in school or found in our reading lists. Quite simply, the contributors review books that they enjoyed reading. Because what's the point of reading anyway, if you can't read what you enjoy? :)


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